Unique fertilizers and supplement feeds

Unique fertilizers and supplement feeds

18 may 2023 0000

Vitaly Tyutyunnikov, General Manager, OOO Nanokremniy

The Rostov Region stand presents three companies, OOO Nanokremniy, RostAgroImpex, and Silin, with the two former showcasing unique fertilizers that could be instrumental in upgrading the agricultural sector in Azerbaijan.

It has already been 19 years that RostAgroImpex has produced organic fertilizers (in liquid form) and plant protection products up to hazard class 4. These products are already sold to Azersun, Fitoman and three more Azerbaijani companies, but we are hopeful the exhibition will help us find new customers in view of Azerbaijan (just like Türkiye) being among top buyers of such fertilizers.

Our company is seeking a local distributor of Nanokremniy's unique fertilizers and supplement feeds. Our fertilizer products are unique in that they contain biologically active silicon that stimulates growth and development in plants, boosts their resistance to temperature fluctuations, and promotes full absorption of the fertilizer from the soil. As to the supplement feeds from Nanokremniy Don, they boost fat and protein content in cow milk as well as improve their useful properties. Quite importantly, using these feeds drives to zero mortality rates among calves.

Silin is a manufacturer of wooden crates for storage and transportation of apples, another point of interest for Azerbaijani farmers.

We hope to have a productive time during Caspian Agro!