The special aspects of the exhibition displays

The special aspects of the exhibition displays

18 May 2023 0000

Ali Temer Arez, an agronomist from Izmir, Turkey:

I am an agronomist working in Izmir. I visited the Caspian Agro exhibition in Baku for the first time. It is very interesting for me from a professional point of view. I specialize in plant production and was interested in new specific trends. I found here worthwhile expositions.

The stands of companies specializing in fertilizers were particularly interesting to view.

I try to keep track of the fertilizer market situation: i.e. what new products from which manufacturers are available in Azerbaijan and in Turkey.

I was glad to see Turkish companies operating in this field and to meet representatives of other foreign companies. At the exhibition in Baku, I had the opportunity to meet representatives of and other private companies.

I enjoyed the exhibition and that made me twice as happy with my visit to Baku.