Opportunity to see "live" the best examples of modern technology

Opportunity to see "live" the best examples of modern technology

23 may 2022 0000

Ilya Polyakov, Head of Railway Administration, CF&S Estonia AS

The company I represent is a shipping company. I came to the CaspianAgro exhibition and I am interested to learn about the novelties in this area and, most importantly, to find collaborates, customers for agricultural and other shipments.

This is my first visit to this exhibition. I was impressed with the exported olive harvester at the New Holland stand. I had a request for the transportation of this equipment; however, unfortunately, it cannot be transported by rail.

The exhibition gave an opportunity to see "live" the best examples of modern technology. Overall, it is nice to see so many people post-pandemic. Here, where many specialists have gathered, you can discuss the professional issues that have accumulated during this time, meet old friends and new people. The exhibition is always a new milestone in our business, providing new acquaintances and customers. I love coming to Baku. There is always good weather here, delicious food and a very hospitable city.