Market of fertilisers and pesticides

Market of fertilisers and pesticides

20 May 2022 0000

Dmitry Dorofeev, manager of “PhosAgro”

- The Russian company I represent is engaged in the production of fertilisers. The purpose of my visit to the Caspian Agro exhibition was to study the market, companies working with fertilisers and pesticides, to establish contacts and relations for further cooperation.

Our company is known in Azerbaijan. However, we are not standing still. Now we have a new product, and its promotion requires discussions. Meetings and negotiations on this topic took place at the exhibition and we hope for positive results in the near future.

Azerbaijani agricultural products, primarily vegetables and fruits, are popular and in great demand in Russia. This is a big market, which needs attention at a high level. I think our products can contribute to this. That is, our entrepreneurial interests coincide.

The Baku exhibition made a good impression. We strongly felt the need in face-to-face communication during the pandemic period. Meetings at the exhibitions allow you to tell more about your company and products. Exhibitions have soul.