Innovative European equipment

Innovative European equipment

18 may 2023 0000

Farrukh Suleymanov, Deputy General Manager, Prior Leasing LLCI

It has already been over a decade that Prior Leasing LLCI has participated in agrarian exhibitions and presented agricultural equipment from European and Chinese manufacturers. We sell and lease out all kinds of machines to farmers for ploughing, sowing, and harvesting purposes.

At the 16th Caspian Agro exhibition, we have presented 40 machines, 10 out of which are innovative items from European manufacturers; notably, it is the very first time in the country that we present a methane-powered tractor New Holland (environmentally friendly).

We also present machinery from Maschio Gaspardo of Italy, one of the world's top three agrarian equipment manufacturers.

This year, the top pick is a pest control robot that shoots UV rays to kill pests. By using this machine, farmers do not have to apply pest chemicals anymore.

New Holland products are designed for retail and corporate customers in Azerbaijan. Overall, we are one of the leading vendors of state-of-the-art agricultural equipment nationwide.

Our participation in the exhibition will help drive up our presence in Azerbaijan's market.

We currently have 18 sales and lease offices across the country, and we are planning on increasing this number in all agricultural regions.

We are quite happy with how the event is organized, as it helps us find new contracts. We are positive customers will be interested in the new machinery and equipment we brought to Baku this time.