Guarantee of successful harvest preservation

Guarantee of successful harvest preservation

19 May 2022 0000

Emin Farajov, director of SİLO

We are official representatives of the Turkish brand SİLO. This company is engaged in the manufacture of equipment for grain barns, fodder production enterprises.

“CaspianAgro” exhibition is a constant for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for this impressive project! At the exhibition, we act as one of the sponsors. This is prestigious and important for us. We want more people to have information about us – we are sure that the exhibition will benefit us all.

We are very pleased with the high attendance of the exhibition. The first day we devote almost entirely to intensive organisational work. Visitors receive the first information about us at registration along with a gift package. At the same time, a presentation of SILO is taking place with the use of videos, booklets and catalogues at the stand, where experts talk in detail about the success of our company. In addition, we offer to interested persons an excursion to our complex.

We actively help farmers in their work. Thanks to our modern products, they allow storing grain for a long time in the right conditions, maintaining its quality. Exhibitions help us to find these people and establish contacts.