Expanded sale of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection agents

Expanded sale of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection agents

19 May 2022 0000

Anar Huseynov, Director of Marketing Department, CJSC "Agrarian Innovation and Sales Company" GUBRE.AZ

Gubre.az is owned by “Agrarian Innovation and Sales Company” CJSC. It is a farming trade network for the farmers that retails seeds, fertilisers and plant protection agents throughout the country. Recently, the sales network has been expanded, reaching about two hundred sales sites in Azerbaijan. There you can find 150 names of more than 30 product brands from 24 countries of the world.

Thanks to an extensive trading network, our farmers save time and receive necessary products in a short time frame. Mobile sales are available for more remote regions.

We have been sponsoring the “CaspianAgro” exhibition for the second year. For our young company, this is profitable and prestigious in terms of marketing. For this purpose, numerous catalogues, brochures, videos have been prepared - all for the maximum awareness of farmers. Today, among the novelties you can see organo-mineral fertilisers. Their range this year has been significantly extended. The main innovation is that these fertilisers protect the soil from spoilage. We also exhibit new cottonseeds.

We are very glad to see representatives of the republican leadership and embassies among the guests. This means that the state pays much attention to this sector and supports new projects, the most relevant of which are the projects for the restoration and development of Karabakh.