Everything necessary is provided here for business meetings

Everything necessary is provided here for business meetings

20 May 2022 0000

Rufat Mammadov, Director of GROW GROUP

Our company exists since 2013. We represent the French greenhouse manufacturer Rishel group and the Dutch brand supplying materials for greenhouses. Our company is currently working on the project of greenhouses for growing tomatoes on 20 hectares of land. In this project, we use all materials of our partners. We have prepared and are presenting a model of this greenhouse at the stand.

We have been participating in the CaspianAgro exhibition for many years. For us, this exhibition, first of all, is a tool for maintaining the company’ image. Secondly, we are pursuing an important goal - to create all necessary conditions at the stand for our partners, for business negotiations. This is a kind of platform for business meetings, trainings and testing of the exhibited products. At least seventeen brands are exhibited here today. From year to year, we see positive results of exhibitions. I think this is the best format for developing business relations and promoting products and new projects. We will definitely take part in the next year exhibition.