Critical land fertility issues

Critical land fertility issues

19 may 2023 0000

Javanshir Seyidov, agronomist, Ismayilli

As an agronomist and a person quite interested in crop production efficiency, I made a point of coming to Caspian Agro.

We normally do not grow one type of crops in a single field year after year, as it jeopardizes the land fertility.

Fort instance, land needs restoration after wheat and barley have grown on it, so, as a specialist, I wonder what can be grown on this lean soil so that to not harm it.

I was also wondering about new varieties of seeds displayed at the exhibition, as well as about progressive enrichment and restoration of soils.

I would also like to get an update on drought-tolerant plants as, apparently, the irrigation matter is pressing in Azerbaijan as well as in the rest of the world.

I was quite interested to see the stand put up by Micro Green (Russia) and the European stands that displayed innovative production (for instance, F4 Photosynthesis). Besides, I was drawn to a Turkish company's stand with water desalination equipment.

I am glad I came to see the exhibition: it turned out to be so useful and I learned a lot from it!