Boosting business links between Stavropol Region and Azerbaijan

Boosting business links between Stavropol Region and Azerbaijan

18 May 2023 0000

Anar Asadov, Manager, New AgroExport LLC

Stavropol Region is represented by four companies at the 16th Caspian Agro exhibition:

New AgroExport LLC, Stavropol Grain (a supply cooperative society), Export Grain, and Svetlograd Oil-Extracting Factory

It has been last three years that we have got interested in Baku events, although we have worked with Azerbaijani companies for a much longer time; for instance, 90% of New AgroExport's products goes namely to Azerbaijan.

We realize that the exhibition could help us find new customers, and we are highly interested in our good neighbor's market with its convenient logistics and our understanding of its modus operandi.

With Stavropol's grain companies intending to ramp up exports of their products to Azerbaijan, we are spending all the three days of the event in active business talks.

This intention is backed by the direct railway connection between the region and Baku, so products can effectively be moved from silos directly to receiving stations in Azerbaijan.

Cereals from our regions are therefore commercially beneficial for Azerbaijani holdings and companies, so it is not a coincidence that they secure a good piece of the local market.

We suggest the exhibition organizers make its program more versatile and saturated, as well as expand the business agenda.

I believe we will be taking part in subsequent events as well.