Achievements and development prospects of Azersheker MMC

Achievements and development prospects of Azersheker MMC

20 May 2022 0000

Ilkin Gyozalov, Azersheker MMC Sales Manager

- Azersheker is one of the leading agricultural companies in Azerbaijan, owning crop acreages and orchards in Shamkir, Yevlakh, Geranboy, Agjabadi, Fizuli and Agdam regions of the country. A new livestock-breeding complex "Dastan Agro" is being built on the territory of Yevlakh region. In the Agdam region, gardens have been grown, famous for their pomegranates.

The company actively uses Pivot’s systems of intensive irrigation, which we demonstrate at the Caspian Agro exhibition. The use of modern innovative systems in the work allows saving 30% of water during irrigation and get a high yield. In addition, the main area of our activity is the production of sugar beet - followed by the planting of corn, soybeans and barley.

At the exhibition, we are exhibiting the low-impact soil treatment technology Strip-till, of our partner, Polish equipment manufacturer Mzuri, and the American Dragon-Line irrigation system.

Besides, AgroLab laboratory is also located in the Expo Centre. I must note that currently many farmers became more interested in laboratory analysis. Therefore, this stand is one of the most frequently visited at the exhibition.

The exhibition is very beneficial for us. During the first two days, we welcomed and talked with a large number of visitors, held important meetings and negotiations, we are establishing promising contacts.