A look from Ordubad

A look from Ordubad

19 may 2023 0000

Khalil Farajov, gardening farmer, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

I am from Ordubad, and this is the first time I have come to Caspian Agro; I like it a lot how the event is managed.

I have a 5 hectare land plot where I grow apricot and apple trees.

My trees have suffered from pests and diseases, so it was important for me to search the exhibition for suitable protections that will help me resolve those issues.

I found suitable medications among the exhibits and contracted one of the local companies to supply and deliver them.

I am also interested to know which fertilizers are most effective for fruit trees.

Another issue I am concerned with is growing cereals in Nakhchivan; this matter is critical for agribusiness development and directly affects food security nationwide.

I believe my visit to the exhibition was quite benign, and I am glad I acquired some quite useful information here.