Caspian Agro - Modern  equipment for Azerbaijan

Modern  equipment for Azerbaijan



Konstantin Ivanov, SEPPIM representative in Azerbaijan

Our company is a world leader in the production of stone crushers, mulchers and in general equipment for forestry and horticulture. A wide range of our products is popular in forty countries.

Today we are demonstrating three machines at “CaspianAgro”. This is a stone crusher that is able to process the soil clogged with stones, turning it into soil suitable for planting a garden. I think this is relevant for Azerbaijan. We already have partners who use this equipment to plant olive trees.

Other machines will be interesting to those who are engaged in intensive gardening. New intensive technology without the use of manual labour helps to shred the branches after pruning. Convenient, modern, reliable!

We are just starting our business in Azerbaijan. We have already established a company; a warehouse for machines and spare parts will be based in Baku. We are confident that our equipment will be interesting and in demand for large customers.

The exhibition satisfies us completely - we have already secured preliminary business contacts and hope for good results. Participation in such projects successfully contributes to entering the local market. This is a good marketing strategy to help people get to know your products.