Caspian Agro - We find 70 percent of our clients thanks to the exhibitions

We find 70 percent of our clients thanks to the exhibitions



Robert Reisig, KRONEN employee

Our company in Germany is engaged in the production of equipment for the processing of vegetables and fruit. We manufacture industrial equipment for small and medium businesses. The company has operated for more than forty years, has permanent offices in many countries. The equipment is sold in more than one hundred and twenty countries.

Main activity is related to the production of equipment for cutting vegetables and fruit, washing machines, but we also produce mixers, conveyor belts. The novelty of the season is a washing machine for processing fruit and vegetables, which are sold by retail chains. We have developed a special technology with the help of which the products will last longer in the shop displays.

We have been working with several reliable partners in Azerbaijan already many years. I came to the exhibition to study the needs for our equipment, meet with our customers and assess the prospects of sales for the next years.

The first impression of the exhibition is good. I am glad see that “CaspianAgro 2022” brought  many representatives of foreign countries together. Therefore, I expect to find foreign partners here as well. The exhibition is an important event for us. We find more than 70 percent of our clients thanks to such projects. Here we can also follow the development of our competitors and effectively demonstrate our own achievements.