Caspian Agro - Russian harvester is gaining popularity in Azerbaijan

Russian harvester is gaining popularity in Azerbaijan



Maxim Maksimov, Director of the Sales Department of “Rostselmash” LTD

Our company is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, both in Russia and abroad. We are among the top 5 largest manufacturers around the world, occupying niches in many markets. We export products to almost forty countries, including Azerbaijan.

We produce combine harvesters, grain harvesters, forage harvesters, tractors of various capacities. At the Caspian Agro exhibition we are presenting NOVA 340 harvester. The smallest model, however very popular both in Russia and in Azerbaijan, where about thirty of these machines have already been purchased. Customers are happy; we get positive feedback about the machine, about the electronic systems installed on these machines. They allow operators to minimize their work.

We also present the towered machines of the “Klever” subsidiary.

We participate in “CaspianAgro” every year. I rate the level of this exhibition as high. Participation in this project is important for brand promotion and recognition; it is a chance to meet with the partners. Thanks to “CaspianAgro”, we are able to demonstrate our determination to work in the local market, present technological innovations, and to demonstrate our prospective development. Thus, the exhibition is one of the effective tools for doing business. We hope to establish new professional contacts during the exhibition, to interest specialists in new ideas, and to expand the circle of customers.