Caspian Agro - Integration of new generation technologies

Integration of new generation technologies



Orkhan Hajiyev, Business Development Manager of Netcad

Founded in 1989 to guide the digitization of spatial data in Turkey, today Netcad is one of the most valuable brands as a leader in the field of technology and has potential for globalization. Today, Netcad offers solutions to its users in order to use in engineering and design applications such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Digital Mapping, Land Management, Urban Planning, Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Mining, Infrastructure Engineering.

In addition, Netcad is a company that was established as a result of innovation and still maintains the innovation dynamism in its DNA. We make large investments in our new technology platforms and new products operating on these platforms. In addition to our CAD and GIS platforms, we are adding new dimensions to the creation, collection, and analysis of spatial data and developing and expanding our areas of use with our recently acquired IoT platform, artificial intelligence-based image processing platform, and drone/lidar-supported solutions. In general, we have been the leading company in our sector for more than 30 years.

We see the export of the Netcad brand to foreign markets as a national duty rather than a financial one. We are the market leader against our global competitors in every product category that we have. In the upcoming period, we are going to have smart urban solutions for residential planning and management, infrastructure engineering solutions for the design and implementation of infrastructure investments, digital mapping solutions for spatial data analysis supported by drone/lidar data, map-based information systems supported by city authorities as in Turkey. We can integrate next-generation technologies such as automation systems, smart mining, mining planning and production management solutions, indoor/outdoor spatial analytics based on image processing technology, occupational safety and security, and detection of autonomous anomalies.

We understand the sectoral role of the Caspian Agro exhibition very well. By participating in the exhibition, we want to present Netcad solutions to Azerbaijani users, establish contacts with relevant business and government agencies, and start business partnerships. We have plans to develop and implement joint projects in the Azerbaijani market.