Caspian Agro - We are offers a wide range of solutions to farmers

We are offers a wide range of solutions to farmers



İlker ALTIOGLU, Sales Manager, MET Farm

Dairy farming, and the labor ecosystem around it is changing rapidly. Today, farmers utilize milking robots, automation, digitalization and smart solutions to create profitable and sustainable milk production. GEA/MET Farm offers a wide range of solutions to farmers around the world to maximize their productivity and the quality of their milk. With our integrated solutions approach we offer milking systems fitting the needs of all dairy farms worldwide, from automated milking to any type of rotary and parlor milking, herd management tools as well as feedings systems, manure management and sophisticated service concepts. Our state-of-the-art technology is developed and manufactured according to the latest guidelines and certified quality standards. GEA is an expert and reliable partner to dairy farmers around the globe, helping them to manage their future successfully and sustainably.

MET Farm Technologies provides sales and services for GEA Farm Technologies Milking Equipment and Farm Technology products in the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan. In addition to MET Farm works for all GEA Farm Technologies products in Turkey & Northern Cyprus since 15.05.2015, also MET Farm started to work for Azerbaijan market since 01.01.2022 for GEA Farm Technologies products. As MET Farm we are giving Sales & After Sales service to our customers in Azerbaijan by our office which is located in Baku. We started our work in the region starting of this year and moving in a fast-pace regarding the regions.

As MET Farm we are now ready to provide all dairy farms in Azerbaijan with state-of the art milking equipment. We are working for some potential farm projects in Karabakh region. Sure, in the case of our customer prefer to work with us, it will be pleasure for us. 

Foremost, we expect to introduce ourself for the first time in Azerbaijan in this exhibition. GEA Farm Technologies product and services will be provided to Azerbaijan by MET Farm directly from Baku, our new Head Office in the country. We are looking forward to meet the dairy farming technology providers and customers, in order to brief them about our upcoming services on latest Technologies.