Caspian Agro - "Made in Italy" quality is the main indicator of our products

"Made in Italy" quality is the main indicator of our products



Elionora Nistor, Senior Project Manager @ADVICE&CONSULTILNG®

Advice&Consulting® is an Italian company specialized in the improvement and development of horticulture through the implementation of projects with high quality standards, products made and produced in Italy and agronomic consulting aimed at optimizing all work processes and the grown product.

We will offer Caspian Agro visitors Agronomic consulting also through AGRINSIGHT® app; Orchard projecting; Water and soil analysis; Varieties selection by climate, soil, geographical location; Certified fruit plants and rootstocks; Support, protection and irrigation systems for orchards; Specialized machines for fruit orchards; Controlled atmosphere refrigerators and warehouses; Sorting lines; Food processing machineries;

Materials for palletizing, preservation, packaging.

AGRINSIGHT®, the new app powered by Advice&Consulting® for the total management of the orchard and the automatic remote control of all the factors that determine its efficient productivity.

This is a novelty of the company, which will be demonstrated for the first time at the Caspian Agro exhibition.

We are focused on active work at the Caspian Agro exhibition. We expect to meet new contacts interested in creating orchards to produce quality fruit, new partners and to establish win-win relationships. “Made in Italy” quality is the distinctive element that distinguishes every fruit project created by Advice&Consulting®.
We will be happy to demonstrate this to the visitors of the exhibition in Baku.


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