Caspian Agro - We provide a high-quality guarantee for each of our products.

We provide a high-quality guarantee for each of our products.



Bakhtiyar Aghayev, Director of Azertechnika LLC

Technical equipment is of great economic importance in agriculture and other related fields. Today, ensuring food security around the world is one of the priorities of the economy. To solve these problems, many research centers and manufacturing companies around the world use advanced scientific and technical achievements to produce improved devices, units and tools. Many countries working for the development of the agriculture sector strive to achieve rapid development of agriculture using this equipment support. One of the companies operating for this purpose is Azertechnika Limited Liability Company established in 1999 in Azerbaijan.

Azertechnika LLC sells world-famous agricultural machinery and their spare parts, which have proven themselves in agriculture. At present, it is the official dealer of the following world-famous brands in our country: Tümosan Traktor, Hatunsaraylı Tarım Makinaları, Ünlü Pulluk, Kayhan Ertuğrul Tarım Makinaları, Farmtech Çiftlik Makine, Hatko Kauçuk, Çelikel Tarım Makinaları, Çimuka Kuluçka Makinesi, Markim Gübre, Peymak Süt Soyutma Tankları, Kromel Makina, Türkay Tarım Makinaları, Belshina.

Azertekhnika provides a high assurance guarantee for each product it offers. The machinery and equipment sold by the company can be successfully used in various fields of agriculture, as well as in other fields. Another service offered by the company is the sale of spare parts for agricultural and non-agricultural machinery. Each of ordered product will be delivered to the address in the shortest possible time.

The main reasons of our participation in the exhibition are to present new technological equipment, machinery and mechanisms to those who work in agricultural sector and create conditions for efficient use thereof. Azertekhnika LLC has been participating in Caspian Agro exhibition for about 10 years. I hope that this year's exhibition will be productive for us and will secure new projects and partners for our company.