Caspian Agro - Caspian Agro 2021: intense activity of the exhibitors and expanded stand areas

Caspian Agro 2021: intense activity of the exhibitors and expanded stand areas



The 12th of June is the final day of the 14th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition, Caspian Agro 2021, at Baku Expo Centre. An important sign of the forum was the resumption of its work after the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In parallel with Caspian Agro, the 26th Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, InterFood Azerbaijan 2021, was held in Baku Expo Centre. The organizers of both exhibitions are Caspian Event Organizers (CEO) and a number of its foreign partners.

The rules for the safe conduct of offline events are based on the recommendations of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI: this is the maintenance of the social distancing, wearing masks and the use of antiseptics and sanitizers, including the body temperature control, and regular disinfection of premises.

The exhibition brought together the main players in the agricultural industry, professional visitors, including importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, and farmers. The exposition unfolded in two halls, as well as in the open outdoor area of ​​Baku Expo Centre. It is noteworthy that the scale of the outdoor exposure has increased compared to 2019. Modern technology, powerful tractors, harvesters, and cars aroused massive interest among visitors and participants of these 2 projects.

It is significant that the participants demonstrated special offers, projects, and services specifically for developing the Karabakh region, which was a focus at the event, and shared their most current ideas and innovations in the food and agricultural sectors. In the future, the returned lands of Karabakh will contribute to the effective development of the agro-industrial complex and the export of food products under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan”.

Exhibitors paid particular attention to innovation, which is a driving force in any sector. This factor provided the effect of a real international competition of progressive ideas. Exhibitors from different countries enthusiastically got to know their colleagues, vigorously exchanged opinions and skilfully discussed innovations in all exhibition halls.

National groups from Afghanistan and Belarus, the Kirov and Adyghe regional groups from the Russian Federation, as well as the debutant of this year - the Moscow regional group, took part in the exhibitions.

The main expositions of Caspian Agro 2021 included a number of new products: smart farm, equipment for the livestock industry, agricultural machinery, laboratory equipment, new varieties of seeds and much more. In general, Caspian Agro 2021 covered eleven thematic sections, including various areas of the agro-industrial complex: agricultural machinery, livestock and poultry farming, feed, veterinary medicine, crop production, fertilizers, growing of fruits and vegetables, greenhouses, electronic agriculture, innovative technologies in agriculture, and laboratory equipment.

A traditional tour for farmers from the regions took place here, an exchange of experience and monitoring of trends, new products and international models of the development of small farms took place. At the exhibition, the organizers launched a new service to speed up the exchange of contacts and information. The QR code located at the stand leads to the promotional materials of the exhibiting company.

On June 11, a workshop was conducted by the Phosagro Group of Apatit JSC on the topic “Innovative products of PhosAgro: Complex fertilizers in one granule to obtain guaranteed yields of agricultural crops.”

Caspian Agro 2021 and InterFood Azerbaijan 2021 were held with the active support and participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The exhibitions are also supported by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation, the Azerbaijan Food and Beverage Industry Association and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).