Caspian Agro - Leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment

Leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment



Azer Humbatov, General Director of Prior Leasing

The main activity of Prior Leasing, which was founded in 2014, is the leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment. Today the company's showrooms operate in thirteen regions of Azerbaijan. In 2020, a subsidiary, Prior Credit, was established to provide small loans to farmers.

At the Caspian Agro 2021 exhibition, the machinery and equipment of several of our partners is demonstrated - the Chinese brand Lovol, Indian Solis, Italian Mascio Gaspardo and a number of Turkish arable, seeding, harvesting agricultural equipment.

Prior Leasing is actively involved in the country`s economic activities. The issue of economic recovery in the Karabakh region, which is a topical issue today, did not pass us by; we are ready at the earliest opportunity to open three branches of the company in different parts of the region and provide support to citizens and companies in the restoration of agriculture. The products of our company are well known in Azerbaijan. To a large extent, this is facilitated by the presence of branches of the company in the regions that I mentioned above. But the exhibition is still important for us: both as a serious marketing factor and as a global international project, and firstly, for establishing new ties and expanding areas of cooperation.