Caspian Agro - A number of business proposals from agro trade network

A number of business proposals from agro trade network



Anar Huseynov, Marketing Manager at is a sales network for agricultural products; equipment, seeds, and fertilizers. Our company has established itself both in the market and among the farmers as the most innovative one. As you may know, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine and Italy are known as producers of high quality pesticides and fertilizers. We cooperate with more than thirty global brands.

Today the company has 150 types of products, more than two hundred sales objects. We attach great importance to cooperation with farmers; we supply them with catalogs, and teach them how to correctly use the products. This year we are sponsoring the registration of the exhibition, which, of course, is an important indicator.

There are also innovations among the exhibits at the stand: clover seeds from Italian and German producers. Thanks to it, farmers can harvest a good frost-resistant crop for several years. We want to offer such products to farmers when soon the soil will be prepared for sowing in the Karabakh zone. Agriculture and animal husbandry have always developed in this region. The second new product on the stand is the Turkish cotton seed producer MAY 455. We are distributors of the brand and are responsible for high quality.

After a long break, businessmen have of course missed the exhibition. Business is built on such events and today I noticed that any competing companies look friendly here and strive for dialogue. Everyone wants to know the news and just communicate.