Caspian Agro - The latest solution for managing the irrigation systems

The latest solution for managing the irrigation systems



Sergey Primov, Technical Manager at Valley Irrigation

Valley is the leader in the production of mechanized, circular, and frontal water sprinklers;they have a wide profile and high water saving features, including a precise irrigation system, which is currently very important all over the world. The system offers a lot of opportunities: one of these is the remote access and a very high level of irrigation reporting, which is very important for agronomists, as well as a server remote connection to the analysis and logical conclusion on
the required volume of water and existing problems.

Today, our stand presents the world's latest solution for the management of Sheduling irrigation systems, which control moisture, soil quality, and the presence of salt. The worldwide information received from the instruments form the analytical basis that customers can use to improve the productivity of their plantation.

As a citizen of Azerbaijan, I wish that the economy of our country continues to flourish, that we encounter no problems in the agricultural sector, and that there are always lots of fruit and vegetable at reasonable prices.

I would like to note that the pandemic had practically no adverse effect on our company, since the country, in any case, has to maintain its production rate. I believe that the role of the exhibition in the development of this industry is very important; here people can get acquainted with new offers, market projects, and draw certain conclusions.