Caspian Agro - Wide areas of activity of AGROSERVIS

Wide areas of activity of AGROSERVIS



Aytekin Mamedova, Director of Public Relations Department of AGROSERVIS

Our stand is represented by three areas: innovative projects; sales office stand; equipment on open air. At the innovative stand, we demonstrate a new harvester, not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the CIS countries, the New Holland TC 5.90 combine, suitable for difficult mountainous
terrain and difficult terrain.

At the same stand, you can see agro-drones capable of effectively fertilizing large areas of land. Agrouber is another novelty, a kind of taxi service. With the help of an application on a mobile device, farmers can order everything they need for their work with delivery.

In 2019, for the first time in the country, we launched mobile sales and delivery of mineral fertilizers for growing cotton, grain, fruits in the most remote regions. At the office stand - a model of our sales facility and the products themselves. The monitors show videos representing the full range of services for farmers.

Equipment is displayed in the open area; our representatives work, providing the necessary information to visitors.

It is impossible to suspend the activity of agriculture, therefore, in accordance with all the requirements of the Operational Headquarters, we worked throughout the entire period of the pandemic. We have plans related to the development of the Garabakh region. When our farmers start working within the Smart City, Smart Village concept, we will energetically engage in this process through innovative methods and modern technology.