Caspian Agro - Our main goal is to provide local farmers with a full range of mineral fertilisers

Our main goal is to provide local farmers with a full range of mineral fertilisers



Evgeniy Onatskiy, General Director of EuroChem Trading Rus LLC, talked about the preparation work for the exhibition.

- What products, projects or services will your organisation/company showcase at its stand?

- Our main goal is to provide local farmers with a full range of mineral fertilisers for high yields and growth in quality crop products. EuroChem has its own raw materials sources for the extraction of all the necessary components, and produces the widest range of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, as well as complex and specialised products.

The nitrogen group is not only comprised of traditional carbamide, but also of irreplaceable ammonium nitrate, which is more convenient to use since it does not require compulsory embedding, and at the same time, it is less prone to losses; we supply the liquid urea-ammonium mixture КАС-32. Due to its liquid formula, КАС is especially effective in dry conditions.

Among the complex fertilisers, we offer ammophos, and its sulfur-enriched analogue: sulfoammophos. We pride ourselves on Avrora Granular NPK, a line of proven and effective formulas for a wide variety of crops.

You can learn more about our product line and receive recommendations at our stand during the exhibition.

- What technologies, products and services, new for the region, will you demonstrate to the visitors of Caspian Agro 2021?

- We would like to draw the attention of farmers to the available ways to reduce the impact and consequences of abiotic stress. It is necessary to improve the quality and profitability of growing target crops in the region since every year the climate makes its own adjustments to these parameters.

A specialised line of water-soluble complex fertilisers Aqualis; it is indispensable for producers of vegetables and fruits on drip irrigation, and also effectively works as a foliar feeding of field crops. Aqualis has been repeatedly tested in the unpredictable conditions of the south of Russia. The correct method of their application is guaranteed to increase the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the crop. Our task is to share this knowledge with farmers.

- How do you assess the role of specialised exhibitions? How did the forced break of the exhibitions affect your sector or your company?

- The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to exchange experience and seek answers from experts on long-deadlocked points of interests. We are very fond of in-person communication with customers, so we regularly organise workshops, field events, and participate in exhibitions. We are looking forward to the opportunity to present new products, answer questions and communicate with our customers in Azerbaijan, and Caspian Agro 2021 makes this possible.