Caspian Agro - We offer high quality fertilisers at the Exhibition

We offer high quality fertilisers at the Exhibition



Karashahin Ramazan, Director of Az Agromila LLC

Az Agromila is a company engaged in the production of local organomineral fertilisers and biopesticides in Azerbaijan. We need economic, environmental and social benefits to ensure the availability of fertilisers and strive to satisfy our customers. One of our main goals is to manufacture products that are not available on the market, in addition to increasing productivity and delivering local products to other farmers around the world, including Azerbaijan. Az Agromila LLC is developing special plant nutrition products in the agricultural sector.

Several types of plant origin liquid organic fertilisers (MilaTrip, MilaNema, QLM, Solutakil, MilaLups, etc.), microelement fertilisers (Milacombi, Bormila, Milafer, Calmila, Milaolive, MilaCO2, Milacupp, etc.), NPK gel and powder fertilisers (FORMILA (6-32-0), MILAPOTASH (6-0-32), MILABALANCER (14-14-14), NITROMILA (30-0-0), MILAPZn (5-25-0) + 5 Zn, etc.), organomineral fertilisers (MILABIGGER (5.5-0-20), ORMILADRIP 18-18-18 + TE, ORMILADRIP 15-33-5 + TE, ORMILADRIP 12-8-30 + TE, etc.) and seedling growers (HUMMIX, MILAMINO, MOSMILLA, HUMILA) will be presented at Caspian Agro 2021.

We have always endeavoured to continuously offer quality products, including organomineral and nano-fertilisers for our main target consumers, that is, farmers. In order to increase the fertility of the soil, and to take into account the elements that are lacking in the soil in accordance with the intended plant, we carry out high-level analysis in the in-house laboratory of Az Agromila LLC, then produce the appropriate fertilisers and provide them to farmers.

At Az Agromila LLC, we are always ready to continue to support the Karabakh region. One of our main goals is to apply our fertilisers to the lands and plants of the region, to apply the right fertilisers based on the results of analysis within the laboratory, and to develop the Karabakh region.

We highly appreciate the role of the Caspian Agro 2021 exhibition, as we do every year. During the exhibition, intensive meetings with farmers and agro-companies are organised and new business contacts are established.