Caspian Agro - We are happy to present “Svetlitsa” and “SunMax”

We are happy to present “Svetlitsa” and “SunMax”



Marat Zagirov, Head of the Sales Department at Horsa Technologies:                            

- Our company is striving to showcase innovative achievements and products for both private sector greenhouse facilities and large greenhouse complexes. The products at our stand include the unique greenhouse EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) film "Svetlitsa" and the anti-condensation agent "SunMax".

The unique chemical formula of the Svetlitsa greenhouse (cover) film ensures its unsurpassed mechanical and optical characteristics, which will certainly find its application in greenhouse facilities in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the anti-condensation agent SunMax, greenhouse owners will never encounter condensate accumulation problems that result in plant diseases.

Our products compete with the world's best brands with their excellent technological characteristics. We are constantly in search of the latest technologies from all over the world, and cooperate with research centres from the USA and Europe, including major agricultural holdings from the CIS countries and Europe. The lockdown due to the COVID pandemic has not had a significant impact on the activities of our company.

Horsa Technologies is the exclusive representative of the Spanish greenhouse construction company Inverco in the Caucasus region. The company has a number of lucrative proposals for the construction of greenhouses of various sizes and types. It seems to us that in the conditions of accelerated development and large-scale investments, the construction of year-round greenhouses will be a tangible help for the residents of the Karabakh region.

Our company commends the role of trade fairs; they help to maintain the image, have an advertising effect on the target audience, and assist in finding new outlets.