Caspian Agro - Smart Farms will help develop the agribusiness in Azerbaijan

Smart Farms will help develop the agribusiness in Azerbaijan



Aslan Mammadov, Sales Director at KTbinalar:

KTbinalar ( is a BRPG division and was established to manage agricultural projects. We guarantee our customers the implementation of turnkey projects, starting with the selection of the construction site, the development and management of the project and its commissioning.

As a seasoned construction expert, BRPG offers outstanding project management services. Today, these include the construction of livestock and poultry farms, manufacturing plants, as well as cold-storage and dry warehouses. Our company demonstrates all these projects and services at its stand as part of the Caspian Agro 2021 exhibition.

The main theme of the demonstration of new technologies in the region will be The Smart Farms developed by our engineers; these are modern livestock complexes for 120 heads of cattle. The area of ​​each module is 3400 sq. m. – enough to allow for the provision of animals with feed and control of their condition, including the communication issues and timely care. The technological innovation will certainly attract the attention of specialists, farmers and entrepreneurs. The smart farm can be considered an example of the intellectualization of agricultural labour.

Know-how of designing smart farms and standard projects of cold-storage warehouses will very fruitfully contribute to the development of the agricultural industry throughout Azerbaijan, including the Karabakh region, which today occupies the thoughts and hearts of our people. We consider it necessary to contribute to the restoration and further prosperity of Karabakh. New technologies from KTbinalar will expand the possibilities of solving the food program for thousands of Karabakh residents.

It makes me feel proud to see my country as the host of international exhibitions. Through these exhibitions, both local and foreign companies are attracted, and the activity of companies and their presence in the market is observed. Thanks to these exhibitions the collaboration between companies and individual professionals is increasing, a growing number of customers are identifying new needs and new horizons of work appear, thanks to which new jobs are opened. And of course, all of the above is reflected in the economy and development of our country.

In connection with the pandemic and subsequent restrictions, exhibitions suspended their operation, and it had a negative impact on the development of the country's economy and the agricultural sector. However, despite the difficulties, our company successfully implements its projects in Azerbaijan.