Caspian Agro - The Caspian Agro 2021 exhibition is significant for Rostselmash

The Caspian Agro 2021 exhibition is significant for Rostselmash



Andrey Ryabov, Marketing Director at KZ Rostselmash LLC

The Caspian Agro 2021 exhibition is significant for Rostselmash. For the first time at this event, the company will present the NOVA 340 combine harvester under the new name KHAZAR NOVA. At the end of 2019, Rostselmash signed an agreement with Azermash to organise the production of grain harvesters in Azerbaijan; Rostselmash will launch the project this year.

The harvester can be easily converted from harvesting grain crops to harvesting technical and oil crops, including corn, which is actively grown in Azerbaijan. Back in 2018, we tested the machine on grain corn harvesting in the north of the country, and it proved to be excellent at its work.

At the exhibition, farmers will also be able to familiarise themselves in detail with the Tukan Luxe square baler. The machine collects crop residue, hay and sown grass in the fields, forms the plant mass into rectangular briquettes, tying them with twine. I am sure that the exhibition’s visitors will also appreciate the corn header. This technique has high performance and is easy to maintain, and its reliable operation is ensured by special overload protection mechanisms.

The KHAZAR NOVA agricultural machine is very suitable for the Karabakh region. All Rostselmash equipment is annually updated and adapted to the climatic conditions of different regions.

We intend to cooperate on improving the quality of training for engineering and labour personnel. In the future, with the support of Azermash and the leasing company, the trained teachers will be able to transfer the acquired knowledge to their colleagues from secondary educational institutions.

I highly appreciate the role of specialised exhibitions. At Caspian Agro, our company has the opportunity to communicate with consumers and showcase cutting edge products. It is important for Rostselmash specialists to receive feedback from their clients - farmers who have already worked on the company's agricultural machinery.