Caspian Agro - We present lighting products for greenhouses and farms at the exhibition

We present lighting products for greenhouses and farms at the exhibition



Mark Glushuk, Sales Manager for lighting equipment at Eurocom Components:

yesWe hope that visitors to agricultural exhibitions will appreciate our proposals; we offer lighting products of our own manufacture:

  • Phyto lamps for greenhouses, growing rooms and grow boxes
  • LED lamps for poultry houses and other livestock facilities

enlightenedOur luminaires contain specially selected LEDs for use in the latest technologies:

  • Photocultures of any greenhouse vegetables or flowers
  • Extending daylight hours when growing strawberries and annual flowers

We think it would make sense to introduce film greenhouses for farmers in the Karabakh region; the most effective equipment for film greenhouses will be the use of Phyto LED supplementary lighting.

All lamps are of our own production, made of high quality materials, and are provided with a 5-year warranty. Contact our company to get a full service for the supply, design calculation and installation of equipment.

yesWe have assessed the role of exhibitions as a positive point of communication between businessmen and experts: it is an opportunity to show or analyse the latest technology. Specialised exhibitions are certainly necessary, especially at the end of the pandemic. These events provide a surge in international business activity. After all, the lockdown has had a negative impact both on the distribution of electronic components and the contract manufacturing of LED lamps.