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Agidel electric pumps



Leonid Luzgin, CEO “Ufimian Aggregate Production Association” JSC

“Ufimian Aggregate Production Association” JSC, owned by the Technodinamika Holding of Rostekh State Corporation, presents high-tech household electric pumps of the Agidel brand, as well as NTsU (Centrifugal Nutrition Pumps [НЦУ]) and NSU (Nutrition Volumetric Pumps [НСУ]) industrial milk pumps and disinfectant liquid pumps, and AIM (АИМ) and DAT (ДАТ) series electric motors.

The Agidel brand has long been on the market and has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality equipment that provides uninterrupted water supply for irrigation, as well as to private houses.

The NTsU and NSU series industrial pumps are designed for pumping milk, water, disinfectant liquids, acids, alkalis and refined products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel).

“Ufimian Aggregate Production Association” JSC will also present a modernized pump Agidel-M 500 at the exhibition; this modernized unit has an increased pumping pressure of up to 22.5 meters, and its throughput capacity - the volume of pumped liquid - has also increased.

Specialised exhibitions allow “Ufimian Aggregate Production Association” JSC to find new partners and clients, and expand the geography of its supplied products, while declaring itself to a wide audience.