Caspian Agro - Gea, a famous German brand

Gea, a famous German brand



Elena Hilmer, Director of Icods

- The company Icods is an authorized dealer in Azerbaijan of the German brand Gea, which is a manufacturer of milking refrigeration applications, equipment for the processing of milk and meat, and also turnkey farms with all necessary facilities (stall equipment, drinkers, feeders, fans, etc).

We have been performing with great success for ten years as constant participants in this exhibition, representing the Gea brand. During this period, 7 farms were built in Azerbaijan, the largest of which is designed for thousand dairy cows. Among our clients are large manufacturing organisations Atena, Azersun, Gilan and others. In addition to the Gea brand this year, we represent several other manufacturers. This is the Austrian company Pöttinger, offering solutions in the field of cultivation (tillage), planting and harvesting of feed, biogas plants Ecogas, etc.

The exhibition is rich and effective. We hope in the coming years to work in Azerbaijan to strengthen and multiply our success, therefore the main purpose of participation in the exhibition is the possibility of acquiring new customers.

During the exhibition, we have planned seminars on tillage techniques, fodder production, milking plants, and mini-farms. Our audience includes visitors who are going to develop animal husbandry in accordance with the recently adopted State Programme for the Intensive Development of Animal Husbandry.