Caspian Agro - We use traditional Kakhetian wine-making technology

We use traditional Kakhetian wine-making technology



Nikolozi Shatirishvili, Executive Director, Wineri Shatiri

Winery Shatiri is pleased to take part in CASPİAN AGRO 2019 Exhibition. We present our wines and spirits. Visitors have opportunity to taste following products: 3 premium class wines – Saperavi – dry, Saperavi – semi-dry, Rkatsiteli - dry, traditional Georgian chacha, Feijoa and Kiwi spirits.

We use traditional Kakhetian wine-making technology which implies wine fermenting in clay vessel Qvevri. The given method is recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Our cellar produces 100% natural wine. In addition, we will present authentic Kiwi and Feijoa vodka and visitors will have possibility to taste their unique aroma.

The Caspian Agro Exhibition has special importance for the Caucasian region as it facilitates cooperation between regional entrepreneurs and allows exploration of new markets. We believe that this event will have very positive impact on our company’s development as we will get very useful experience and widen our network.

Our main purpose is to introduce our product to wider society that will help us to widen our market and increase the sales of our company in the future. When it comes to visitors, our main interest is distributors and people interested in wine industry.