Caspian Agro - Pomegranate juice for export!

Pomegranate juice for export!



Kamran Ismayilov, representative of Red Pearls MMC

Our company was established two years ago in Ujar and specialises in the production of pomegranate juice. We are very interested in the WorldFood Azerbaijan exhibition in Baku, because here we can find information on how to improve the quality of our production.

The company has 125 customers worldwide. All the juice produced at our plant in Ujar is exported to the countries in the CIS, Europe, and Canada. There are plans to enter the US market, and also to sell part of the production in Azerbaijan itself.

At this exhibition, we are interested in European equipment for the production of labels and labelling. We, in particular, saw this equipment at the Global Printing System stand and we will conduct a more detailed negotiation with this supplier company.

The work of our company has government support.

This is our second time at the WorldFood Azerbaijan exhibition as guests, and this year the exhibition is more ambitious, which makes us very happy.