Caspian Agro - Nutrimax wants to grow export sales in Azerbaijan

Nutrimax wants to grow export sales in Azerbaijan



Giorgi Chitishvili, Head of Sales Department, Nutrimax

Nutrimax offers the Compound Feeds and Concentrates for the Poultry and Cattle produced by Nutrimax's high technology feed mill.  Company offers modern, premium quality feed for poultry. Also, the company will introduce to an Azerbaijanian market innovative method of feeding for cattle with Nutrimax Beef Max Concentrate and corn, which enable farmers to receive higher weight gains compared to traditional feeding method with only two ingredients and lower workforce.

The purpose of our participation in the CASPİAN AGRO is to introduce our products to target audience with our distributors, meet with clients and promote our products to customers. Nutrimax wants to grow export sales in Azerbaijan, Caspian Agro gives us the opportunity to meet our customers and potential partners face to face, our aim is to find the market needs in Azerbaijanian and try to offer our products and services.  That is an important component for our company's permanent development.
CASPİAN AGRO – is a good opportunity to develop cooperation in agriculture sectors between Georgia and Azerbaijan.