Caspian Agro - All our products are tested in our greenhouses

All our products are tested in our greenhouses



Rufat Mammadov, Executive Director of Grow Group (Azerbaijan)

- The Growers' Market project operates under the Grow Group (Azerbaijan) company and sells all necessary equipment and components for greenhouse complexes. At our stand we are demonstrating measuring and climate control equipment for greenhouses, disinfection and irrigation tools, knives and scissors for product baiting, crop clips for crop and plant protection, glue and traps protecting from insects, indispensable substrates for sowing. We will also showcase shades, fog systems, uniforms, safety hats, mouth masks, gloves, greenhouse cars, floor coverings, building materials, insect nets and plastic roofs. The most unique feature of our offerings is that every product has already been tested in our greenhouses, and thus we offer the most effective way to our customers.

  Since its inception, one of the main goals of Grow Group LLC is to get in touch with companies well known in the global greenhouse market to get the most up-to-date equipment, and to receive advice from domestic and foreign professionals kin order to achieve high productivity and quality results, while providing our customers with the latest innovations available in our company. The annual Caspian Agro exhibition plays an extremely important role in achieving our goals and achieving our goals.