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14th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition
18 - 20 November 2020 Baku Expo Center
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Caspian Agro - High-pressure fog systems and air dryers for greenhouses
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High-pressure fog systems and air dryers for greenhouses


Vincenzo Russo, CEO of Vifra

- Vifra presents its products at the Caspian Agro exhibition for the second time; we are demonstrating our high pressure fog systems and air dryers for greenhouses. Usually, the air in greenhouses is not sufficiently humid in the daytime. Our high pressure fog systems increase the humidity and reduce the air temperature; the unit produces water drops of 1 micron size, so there is no need to spray the plants themselves. At night, on the contrary, the humidity in the hotbeds is excessive and there is a need to lower it. Therefore Vifra dryers are designed to lower the humidity by condensing excess moisture from the air. The entire control is computerized and allows you to effectively monitor the humidity in greenhouses around the clock.

At this exhibition, owners of greenhouse farms, in particular those engaged in cultivation of tomatoes, pepper, flowers, as well as investors, both from Azerbaijan and other countries, are of special interest to us. We would like to establish partnerships with potential dealers of our products and find new customers. The exhibition was pleased by the fact that we have already acquired here some useful contacts and new potential buyers, and also met with our regular customers.