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Greenhouse development projects



Vladimir Pastukhov, Business Development Manager at Walzmatic (Russia)

- Walzmatic manufactures specialized equipment for hothouse plants, trolleys for harvesting and plant care, including service carts for the maintenance of greenhouses. Our participation in the Caspian Agro 2018 exhibition is dictated by our desire to open a new market for Azerbaijan; at present, its agricultural industry is on its rise.

Earlier this year, representatives of our company visited a number of greenhouse farms in Azerbaijan, making sure that this market is promising. And the best way to quickly and efficiently present our products and services to a wide audience was to participate in the main regional agrarian exhibition.

We would like to find new partners and clients in Azerbaijan. We invite representatives of greenhouse plants - enterprises that directly use the equipment we offer- and investors in the greenhouse business to a live dialogue. Here they can visually familiarize themselves with our products and get all the necessary information.