Caspian Agro - Pomegranate is the king of fruits!

Pomegranate is the king of fruits!



Aleksandr Tretyakov, Manager at the Association of Pomegranate Manufacturers and Exporters of Azerbaijan

- The Association of Pomegranate Manufacturers and Exporters of Azerbaijan (APMEA) was established in 2016 at the instruction of the President of our country. The Association is called upon to support farmers who are engaged in pomegranate cultivation in every way, in obtaining high-quality harvest and promotion of Azerbaijani pomegranates in the international market. Also, our association includes companies specializing in the processing of pomegranates and the production of a variety of end products from them.

The “King of Fruits” - pomegranates are one of the natural resources of Azerbaijan. Due to the ideal climate, pomegranates grown in our country are distinguished by a delicious taste, which is not equal in the whole world. Some scholars believe that the pomegranate culture first appeared on Azerbaijani soil. APMEA aims to promote the Azerbaijani pomegranate throughout the world. To this end, the association contributes to the advertising of Azerbaijani pomegranates and pomegranate products at the world's most famous exhibitions.

As is known, the sphere of application of pomegranate is not only the food industry. Healing properties of peel and seeds of pomegranate make it an indispensable product in pharmacology and cosmetology. The production of such products in Azerbaijan is one of the main goals of the APMEA.

At this year’s Caspian Agro exhibition, we present the achievements of the association and acquaint interested people with our services. We invite farmers and all who are associated with the cultivation and processing of pomegranates to our stand. Here they will be able not only to learn about our activities, but also to join the ranks of the members of the association. We are open for cooperation and welcome everyone. At our stand, you can see the products of some of the association's members, among them such large manufacturers as Gilan, Azersun, Aznar, Az-Granata, etc.