Caspian Agro - Model range of grand-strategic tractors

Model range of grand-strategic tractors



Konstantin Barabanov, Deputy Director at the Ganja Automobile Plant

- At Caspian Agro 2018, the Ganja Automobile Plant presents the products manufactured jointly with the Minsk Tractor Plant in Azerbaijan. In particular, we demonstrate the model range of Ganja-Belarus tractors of various modifications in the outdoor area of Baku Expo Centre. Among them are grand-strategic tractors such as cotton pickers, a trailer for the collection and transportation of cotton, construction equipment, including communal machinery, which is also used in agriculture (for example, for cleaning / removal in barns, trench excavations, etc.). Our tractors for viticulture are also worth noting; thanks to their narrow body, these tractors can easily pass between the rows in vineyards. Our tractors cover a full range of agricultural works, so they are popular among farmers. A lot of equipment is sold through subsidized programs, agro-leasing, etc.

The Ganja Automobile Plant maintains close relations with farmers, the main consumers of our products. At our stand we also exhibit motors and original spare parts for tractors, so that farmers can purchase the necessary components right on the spot. Service centres of our plant are located in the strategic regions of Azerbaijan, covering the surrounding areas.

This year’s exhibition is much interesting and diverse; we have been participating in this event for six years. This forum allows us to communicate with direct consumers, learn about their requirements, claims and respond in a promptly manner. We invite all visitors, especially farmers who represent both small and large farms to our stand.