Caspian Agro - New generation greenhouse technology

New generation greenhouse technology



Bülent Aytekin, CEO Aytekin Group

Stand number A1052

At the Caspian Agro 2018 exhibition we will offer visitors new PolyClima greenhouses.

The PolyClima System provide the world with the new age of agriculture. Countries with warm climate struggle to grow plants during hot summer season, but with the half-closed style climate control functions, we can overcome the harsh conditions of summer and continue the production with the same plant, rather than close the greenhouse for this period and begin with a new plant.

PolyСlima is a new generation greenhouse technology that can produce for 12 months by heating in winter, cooling in summer. This technology can be projected in accordance with all climate conditions. Extremely humid, extremely hot, extremely cold or extremely dry climates can be supported with this technology.

PolyСlima provides you with full control over climate conditions, keeping your climate in the conditions you need and creating the optimal growing environment. PolyСlima is able to produce up to two times more production quantity compared to the other normal modern greenhouses.

With the seasonal air conditioning technology, developed with PolyClima, you get the highest energy efficiency in production as well as the highest crop quality in your greenhouse. Compared to PolyClima equivalent systems, it is energy efficient and consumes four times lesser energy.

Thanks to the very special technology that PolyClima has developed, it provides moisture control of your plants, even in extremely humidity climates.

During the Caspian Agro exhibition, we would like to to get in touch with greenhouse farmers, agriculture specialists and interested investors.