Caspian Agro - Farm goods production grew by 4.2% in Azerbaijan

Farm goods production grew by 4.2% in Azerbaijan



Agricultural production increased in Azerbaijan by 4.2%.

The State Statistics Committee informs that production in the livestock sector grew by 2.7% and in crop production by 6.1%," the Committee added.

"In 2017, the harvest of spring and summer cereals, grain legumes (without maize) reached 2.69 million tons on 941,500 hectares, or 5.2% less than in 2016. The average yield per hectare totaled 28.6 quintals.

"Compared to the 2016 same term, production of meat increased by 3.4% up to 405,100 tons, milk by 0.8% up to 1.847 million tons, eggs by 6.4% up to 1.56 bn eggs, and wool declined by 3.8% to 15,900 tons," the Committee said.

According to preliminary data, as of 1 January 2018 there were 8,465,600 sheep and goats, 2,679,300 heads of cattle, including 1,289,800 cows.