Caspian Agro - World leader in agricultural technology

World leader in agricultural technology



Ep van den Brink, Regional Manager at Royal Brinkman

This well-known Dutch company has been active in Azerbaijan for a long time and is an invariable participant of the CaspianAgro exhibition. As is known, the Netherlands is the world leader in the field of agricultural technology, and Royal Brinkman is one of the most authoritative companies in this field, which offers a full range of services and products for professional crop production.

At this exhibition we present advanced European technologies for growing plants in sheltered ground. This allows providing greenhouse facilities with everything necessary. Nomenclature of our company covers more than 36 thousand products of excellent quality. Among them are products for growing vegetables, flowers, potted plants and mushrooms, water and electrical equipment, packaging for vegetables and flowers, chemical and biological protection products for plants, computer equipment and much more.

Experts at our stand constantly consult all interested visitors. Note that we have a large branch in Turkey, Antalya, which can be convenient for Azerbaijani customers. At the exhibition we want to communicate with customers, find dealers in the local market, as well as investors. For the most part, we carry out projects jointly with our partners, KG Greenhouses, whose stand is in the neighborhood, but are also ready to cooperate with other greenhouse builders.