Caspian Agro - Relevant use of drones

Relevant use of drones



Romal Najafov, Founder of AZDynamics

- Our company is young and our main activities are related to the production and design of robots and drones. Now, in world practice, the use of drones in the implementation of state projects has become topical. Our devices can be effective in the energy, oil and agriculture sectors. With their help you can draw accurate GPS maps. Drones provide thermal multispectral analyzes in agriculture.

We continue our research activities. The world-famous services for the agricultural sector are provided for the first time by our company in Azerbaijan. We participated in the BakuTel in 2015 exhibition and demonstrated another technology of our company. We were satisfied with the results, as we created a good base of partners, with which we have been cooperating so far. Therefore, we are pleased to participate in this exhibition. Today we are introducing a new type of service and we hope that local companies will show interest in it. We want to support future developments in the -industry and to be most useful with our technological innovations.