Caspian Agro - Latest mineral and biological fertilizers

Latest mineral and biological fertilizers


Vugar Aghazadeh, Sales Manager at GBR Trade

- The company GBR Trade is engaged in the import of mineral fertilizers and their sales on the local market. We cooperate with well-known international manufacturers of fertilizers and pesticides, such as Yara Suomi Oi; Dr. Tarsa; Biolchim; BASF; UPL; and Agrobest. Participation in the Caspian Agro 2016 exhibition ensures direct commercial contacts with new potential customers and partners, allowing us to expand the portfolio of orders. As for buyers, this exhibition is a great chance to personally get acquainted with the products of interest.

Each year, the company is trying to expand the range of product line, thus taking care of the customers` needs. Among the products offered are the latest mineral soluble fertilizers and for foliar application, biological fertilizer, as well as a variety of means to control pests. Many of them are presented to the visitors of the stand.

The food and agricultural industry of Azerbaijan are at the stage of intensive development, so measures to stimulate the development of agriculture in the country are implemented. Therefore, specialized exhibitions play a great role in the development of food and agricultural industry, as they are the important conduit between the partners and customers, affecting the growth of the population to ensure quality products. The company GBR Trade brings its contribution to this extensive process, trying to meet the needs of the people by providing them with quality products, thereby gaining the trust of customers.