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Experts of the professional plant growing



Tansel Bukulen, Regional Manager at Royal Brinkman

- The Dutch company Royal Brinkman is the largest supplier, installer and consultant in the field of professional crops. Our services are used by producers of vegetables, flowers, potted plants and nurseries. We produce more than thirty thousand of the highest quality products. At present, Royal Brinkman has branches in Mexico, Great Britain, Poland, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey.

With solid experience in the optimization of the greenhouse environment, the company is an international expert in the field of development of new products and solutions for greenhouses, dealing with the issues of hygiene and disinfection, fertilizers, and technical equipment, etc.

At CaspianAgro exhibition we represent the whole range of our products. This is not our first time participating in the exhibition. We are expanding our cooperation with local companies Azersun, Grow Group, Amoris, et al. We want to establish contacts with foreign exhibitors.