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Juicy fresh vegetables



Rufat Mammadov, General director, Grow Group AZERBAIJAN

- Grow Group AZERBAIJAN OJSC is engaged in the sale and installation of fully automated modern film and glass greenhouses that meet the latest standards, equipped with high-tech, European quality equipment.

As the official distributor of the French company RICHEL Group since 2009, we have already built up 12 hectares of greenhouses in Azerbaijan. In addition, on about twenty hectares, work on the construction has already been partially completed, and this year we are going to cover a further 15 hectares of land. As you can see, we have big plans, and our prospects are encouraging.

In general, orders are determined by the expansion of large farms, the emergence of private entrepreneurs, but we also work in the state orders, too! Part of the crop is exported to Russia and the Arab states.

Such popularity is not accidental, because the company is one of the most well-known and internationally recognized, with representative offices operate in more than 80 countries. The motto can serve as a selling proposition "At any time of the year - juicy fresh vegetables!" Our current company profiles the Baku greenhouse complex, a specialised enterprise for the production of delicious products based on Dutch technology, without the use of chemicals. This means after-sales service, warranties, and conditions for further development.

We like the exhibition, it is successfully organized. We met our foreign colleagues here, and renewed business relationships with well-known players in the market.