Caspian Agro - What do you know about the Bio Bees Bombus?

What do you know about the Bio Bees Bombus?



Kemal Yilmaz, Director, Agrosell

- The company Aqrosell started its activities in the field of vegetable production in 2006. The main profession is a specialization in the agro-industrial crops. Primarily, it is the cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers and other agricultural products.

Breeding of a special type of the so-called Bombus bee is another focus of our work. Bombus bees are used for pollination and are of great importance in improving productivity. Aqrosell breeds beneficial insects, which prevent the negative impact of pests on agricultural lands.

In addition to selling in the local market, we also export our products abroad. In general, the market there is stability; we are actively looking for new partners. In this connection, the main aim of our participation in the exhibition is to expand marketing channels, to search for new customers. We expect high attendance at the exhibition, and the justified interest of the participants in our activities.