Caspian Agro - The peculiarities of cultivating fruit trees

The peculiarities of cultivating fruit trees



Vasilios Milis, Owner of the Milis nurseries (Greece)

- Milis is a Greek nursery of fruit trees and forest and ornamental plants. The market demand for the cultivation of fruit trees that are highly resistant to diseases, highly productive, bear fruit that is easy to pick, have larger fruit and fruit convenient for storage has led us to the cultivation of the relevant varieties of fruit trees.

Our debut at the Caspian Agro exhibition will include the presentation of our apricots, peaches, plums, cherries and other seedlings free from viruses. The cultivation of these trees in Greece has only been implemented in our nurseries. We export seedlings to the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe and Central Asian countries. We also have some clients in Azerbaijan, who we started working with last year. Our main goal at the exhibition is to expand our customer base in Azerbaijan.

The Caspian Agro exhibition is extremely lively, there are many participants, a large number of visitors and I hope our proposal will find a ready response among them. I am particularly optimistic because our seedlings are cultivated individually, according to parameters and climatic conditions specified by customers, and this increases our competitiveness in the market.