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14th Azerbaijan International
Agriculture Exhibition

18 - 20 November 2020 Baku Expo Center
Transforming AgriCulture to AgriBusiness

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Murad Alizadeh, Board Member, “Green factory”, Azerbaijan

I visit the CaspianAgro exhibition every year. I was pleased with the participation of new companies from different countries. As well as its thematically competent design. Our company is a manufacturer of juicy fruits. For us, a visit to an international exhibition is an important aspect of marketing. First of all, it is a platform for finding new links. Each manufacturer has the opportunity to purchase the information he needs. Replenish their professional knowledge in this sector. Here new ideas are born. I had interesting conversations with agrarian companies. I am leaving with a large amount of information in the form of catalogs, brochures - all this may be necessary not only for me as a manager, but also for my colleagues.